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M. A. S. Kamal
Md Abdus Samad KAMALC.Eng. (IET, UK), Sr.Member-IEEE, PhD, Kyushu Univ.
Former Sr. Lecturer Monash Univ., Visiting Researcher Toyota CRDL, Labs., Research Fellow Univ. of Tokyo & Kyushu Univ.; Asst.Prof. IIUM; Lecturer KUET.
Associate Professor
Division of Mechanical Science and Technology,  Graduate School of Science and Technology, 
Gunma University, 1-5-1 Tenjincho,  Kiryu 376-8515, Japan.
Email: maskamal {}; maskamal {}
Office: Kiryu Campus Bulding 3 Room no. 3214
Major Research Area
Autonomous-Cooperative Driving; Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS); Model Predictive Control(MPC); AI, Machine Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Cyber physical systems, IoT, Smart city transportation, Soceity 5, Swarm Robotics.
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Masters Program: Tentative application time is June-July for October session; and November for April session.

Lead Guest Editor: Special Issue on Partially Connected and Automated Traffic Operations in Road Transportation, Journal of Advanced Transportation. Published Editorial Paper.

Latest updates (最新情報)

Guest Editor of MDPI Smart cities, Special Issue on "Connected and Cooperative Transportation Systems for the Future Society" April 2020~.
Guest Editor of Journal of Mechatronics and Robotics, Special Issue on Advanced Motion Control and Mechatronic Systems" April 2020~

Research Grant: 研究課題名:道路交通システムの制御用サイバーフィジカルマルチエージェントフレームワークの開発. 群馬大学科学技術振興会研究助成NEW
Invited Speaker:
IFPen Novelous, Paris, France. Workshop on Energy efficient driving, sceheduled on 30 Sep-1st Oct, 2019.
Invited Talk:Center for Research on Adoption of NextGen Transportation Systems (CRANTS), July 16, 2019.
Invited Talk:Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan, July 09, 2019.
Obtained Senior Membership of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).
Delivered Workshop Talk in Asian Control Conference 2019, Kitakyushu, Japan.

Recently Published/Accepted Papers

 Y. Ito, M. A. S. Kamal, T. Yoshimura, and S.-i. Azuma, “Pseudo-perturbation-based broadcast control of multi-agent systems,Automatica, vol. 113, 2020, (2019 Impact factor 6.355)

 M. A. S. Kamal, M. Oku, T. Hayakawa, J.-i. Imura, and K. Aihara, “Early detection of a traffic flow breakdown in the freeway based on dynamical network markers,” 2019. International Journal on Intelligent Transportation Systems Research. Appeared online in early access: doi:10.1007/s13177-019-00210-4.

A. S. M. Bakibillah, M. Hasan, M. M. Rahman, and M. A. S. Kamal, “Predictive car-following schemefor improving traffic flows on urban road networks,”Control Theory and Technology, vol. 17 (4), pp. 325-334, Nov 2019.

❖ M. A. Hosen, M. I. Gamal, A. Yildirim, and M. A. S. Kamal, “A modified energy balance method toobtain higher-order approximations to the oscillators with cubic and harmonic restoring force.” In Press in Journal of Applied and Computational Mechanics, 2019. [NEW]

❖ A.S.M. Bakibillah, M.A.S. Kamal, T.C.Pin, T. Hayakawa, J Imura, "Event-driven Stochastic Eco-driving Strategy at Signalized Intersections from Self-driving Data", IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology,  vol. 68, no. 9, pp. 8557-8569, Sept. 2019. doi: 10.1109/TVT.2019.2931519. [NEW]

Azam, Sayed Mohammad Tariful, A. S. M. Bakibillah, and M. A. S. Kamal. "Performance Evaluation of InGaAs Dielectric Engineered Tunnel Field-Effect Transistors" In Journal of Nano Research, vol. 59, pp. 149-160. Trans Tech Publications Ltd, 2019.

M.A.S. Kamal, T. Hayakawa, J Imura, Development and Evaluation of an Adaptive Traffic Signal Control Scheme Under a Mixed-Automated Traffic Scenario. IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, 2019. (Early Acess/ online).

Y. Ito, M. A. S. Kamal, T. Yoshimura and S. Azuma, "Coordination of Connected Vehicles on Merging Roads Using Pseudo-Perturbation-Based Broadcast Control," in IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems (Early Acess/ online).

See Google Scholar Site for the information of all published papers.

  • Looking for Highly motivated Graduate Students  to conduct research on cutting edge multi-disciplinery technologies including Autonomous Driving, who are looking for career in Japan or globally.
  • Candidate with outstanding qualification can apply for Monbusho Scholarhsip.
  • We are open for international research collaboration on mutual interests.

実時間最適化による制御の実応用 (Practical applications of control by real-time optimization) Japanese book published by Corona Publisher Japan.